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Lymph Drainage Boots 30min picture

Compression boots are a new age, innovative technology that allows for a convenient, home treatment alternative that may assist with lymphedema in a …

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FIR Slimming Dome 30min picture

Fir Sauna Dome Infrared Rays are invisible light and the Far Infrared Energy is absorbed very easily by the human body and helps in all aspects of bo…

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Ozone DRY SAUNA 30min picture

Ozone gas is a form of oxygen. This colorless gas is made up of three oxygen atoms. In the Sauna dome the skin is covered by the Ozone that p


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Hyperbaric Oxygen picture

How Does Oxygen Treatment Work?

When you do Solid O2 treatments, you will be placed inside of a special chamber that contains pressurized oxygen. This…

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FARADIC Slimming picture

Firm and tone your whole body & burn fat comfortably and safely with Faradic EMS.

Faradic Electrical Muscle Stimulation is the ultimate stand alon…

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DMK FACIAL picture

A System Based On Pure Science

The DMK Concept of revising skin aims to restore restore harmony, balance and the natural rhythm of the skin through it…

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LV Hand, Heel & Body CREAMS 250ml picture

Our luscious hand and body lotion is scented with a wonderful seasonal blend of&nbsp…

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MoonPhase Oil picture

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to cure everything from headaches to heartburn. As more individuals resort to alternative t…

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Liposculpt CLA picture On Sale

An essential fatty acid that is a ‘good fat’ and helps break down ‘bad fats’ like cholesterol. Scientific studies have shown it to be an effective su…

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Meal Replacement picture On Sale

LipoSculpt Slimming Weigh Protein Shake is an instant nutrient dense, high protein meal @ less then R28 per meal.

LipoSculpt Slimming Weigh Protein Sh…

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Slimming Effervesant picture On Sale

Weight loss is challenging! That is why we have created a weight loss support solution to effectively address these concerns. Work life, age, and dai…

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DETOX TABS picture On Sale

LipoSculpt Detox Caps

Unlock the way to weight loss!

Our bodies are continuously assaulted by toxins found in our air, food, and water supply. The body…

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New @ BARE

By Lelani Herbst ·
Sep 24, 2023

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Lelani Herbst picture

Lelani Herbst


I just love my JOB! After completing my Diploma & CIDESCO In 1998 I set on a quest for Holistic Beauty Treatments. I started my salon in Lichtenb…

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